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EXCELSIOR! (2019):

Excelsior! is a whirlwind of frame-shaking singalongs. 


Fan favorite Natalia Daniels makes her Goat Family debut on violin and viola.

bandcamp: EXCELSIOR!

The Devil Can Eat My Dust (2016):


A five song EP featuring some fiery energy driven in part by the first recorded appearance of Cecil B Feeder on percussion.


Guest performers also include Heather Yager (piano), Freddi Price (trumpet), Brian Godchaux (fiddle), and Kevin Cunningham (banjo). 

bandcamp: The Devil Can Eat My Dust

Osceola (2016):

An epic single based on the history of Native Americans in what would become the state of Florida, Osceola was written and recorded in 2011 by a trio of Goats when two bandmates were busy on paternity leave. 

bandcamp: Osceola

All We Need (2008):

Packed with sixteen original tunes and clocking in at seventy minutes, All We Need features the band’s original line-up that included Kevin Cunningham, Michael Walsh, and Todd Curtis. The palette of songwriting is soul shaking and earthquaking.

bandcamp: All We Need

Unstopperable (2004):

Uncorking the genie from the jug, the Goats first release showcases the original band line-up: Rock Ross, Michael Walsh, Kevin Cunningham, Thad Povey, Dan Janos & Todd Curtis. Its sixteen songs features fan favorite originals like Jolly Young World, as well as classics such as Little Birdie.

bandcamp: Unstopperable

Lyrics to all songs can be found on the individual song pages at bandcamp

A download package that includes complete Goat Family discography is available for the low price of $28 at bandcamp.

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