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The Goat Family has now been knitting it’s eclectic weave of Americana music for more than sixteen years. Starting as an informal traditional music jam in the San Francisco neighborhood that Jack London once called South of the Slot, the Goats have matured into a tight, formidable, and original songwriting unit.

The Goats have found inspiration in an unusually wide range of sounds and sources from Louvin Brothers style country and Mexican Banda to singalong Folk and even the Broadway musical.

Band Lineup:

Cecil B Feeder - percussion, vocals

Natasha Daniels - violin, viola

Dan Janos - guitar, dobro, ukulele, vocals

Rock Ross - washtub bass, penny whistle, saw, duck call, vocals

Thad Povey - tiple, guitar, dobro, lap steel, vocals

Chris Santeramo - harmonica, accordion, guitar, vocals

"The Goat Family packed the Exploratorium's theater the first time they played live accompaniment to experimental films generating a charged resonance between both the music and films they created. One member in the audience proclaimed it the best live music/film program she had seen to date. The band brings all out energy to their shows whether in the confines of a theater or out in a public park. Captured by the originality of their lyrics and an impressive array of instruments, The Goat Family's music calls for me to jump out of my chair and dance."

Liz Keim

Exploratorium - Cinema Art Program Director

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